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Mosquito Magnet

There’s nothing worse than trying to get a good nights sleep and hearing the buzz of a mosquito, knowing that within minutes it will land on you, only to disappear when you turn on the lights to catch it.

Maybe there is something worse.

Have you ever had a barbeque and everyone is standing around slapping the bare skin on their arms and legs trying to kill all the mosquitos that keep landing on them?

Fortunately there are some solutions that can save you from the torment of those pesky insects.

You have a choice between the mosquito repellents and the mosquito killers.

Mosquito repellents come in various types and generally have Citronella that ensures the mosquitos will not pester you.

Citronella can be used in candles where the burning of the candle will keep the mosquitos away or as a rub on cream that will stop the mosquitos from landing on your skin.

The most popular products for killing the mosquitos are the mosquito zappers and the mosquito magnets.

These products attract the mosquito to them where they are then killed.

By using either of these two products there is less likelihood of having mosquito problems as they will be exterminated whereas the repellents only work for a specified time after which the mosquitos will return.

The zappers and mosquito magnets can attract mosquitos from quite a distance and with regular use they will reduce the population and in doing so require less and less use.

Mosquito magnets are an economical solution to a problem that can be very disruptive over the summer months.

There are various different brands of mosquito magnets and their prices vary accordingly.
You will need to determine the extent of your mosquito problem and the area where they need to be eradicated to decide on what type of mosquito magnet is best suited to your requirements.

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